Welcome to Executive DysFUNction!

I have created this page to spread awareness of ADD/ADHD in children, as well as adults, and to hopefully provide insight for those that are seeking answers.

My goal is to help not just those with ADHD, but parents, significant others, teachers, and friends of people with the disorder.  Often those of us with ADHD find it extremely difficult to communicate with those we care about regarding our symptoms and the things we struggle with.  I would like to help make this a littel easier by offering insightful information, tips, resources, and some of the things I’ve learned from my own experiences.

ADHD is difficult to diagnose, and it’s equally as difficult to manage.  I hope that by coming here, you are open-minded and committed to trying different methods to conquer the challenges we face.  If you are newly diagnosed, be warned.  It’s very rare to find something that works for you right away.  Try not to get discouraged with this process, though.  Try to see this as an opportunity to finally understand what makes you so unique.  If you are here to find ways to help a loved one, let me first say ‘thank you’; but I should tell you, too, that this may be an arduous journey.  Try to be patient and compassionate as your loved one tries to find new ways to manage symptoms and cope with their challenges.

Thank you so much for coming here, and please let me know if you have specific questions or suggestions.  I hope to create content around what it is you would like to know.

Thanks again!


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