Is there an ADHD friendly planner??

The short answer is: YES!

It’s called a Bullet Journal.  Designed by Ryder Carrol, and backed by nearly 3,000 people on, it allows you the flexibility of an entire pack of sticky notes, but a method of organization that makes it easy to find and refer to anything you’ve added.  It allows for notes, to-do lists, schedules, sketches, or anything else you want to jot down so you don’t forget.  Watch the video below from to see how to create your own.

Why is this system so great for ADHD’ers, you ask?

The system is COMPLETELY customizeable, and if you forget to write in it for a day (or several months), you can just pick back up where you left off!  No more wasting dozens of pages because you misplaced it or forgot about it.  (I’m guilty of both – multiple times!) Check out the video below from How To ADHD for even more reasons this system is perfect for us!

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